Water Leak Detection

HouseWaterModTA precise water leak detection service is the first task in finding as well as restoring your pipeline. In case your leak is actually concealed inside the wall space of your house or even beneath your concrete floor you may want to rely on our extensive expertise to promptly identify the issue. Since we are experienced leak detectors we utilize the most advanced technology in acoustic and line tracing equipment to rapidly and accurately satisfy your leak detection demands.

Our residential water leak detection could be described in a series of steps, each and every stage leads us closer to being aware of what we must discover to be able to provide you with the very best and most economical strategy to your situation. Listed below are the actual stages within our water leak detection process:


Visual Inspectionimageedit_1_6468442544

We’re able to figure out a great deal simply by looking…(in fact what our customers tell us). We’ll check out your current water meter for movement and if necessary perform a pressure check with your water system. If your meter is changing or the pressure test fails we can examine the perimeter of your property and interior of your house for verification of  any water issues.


Acoustic Survey

Water Leak Detection

Utilizing electronic equipment specifically made and calibrated to listen for leak sounds we will tune in to each and every water outlet and supply in your house. The outlet with the noisiest leak sound is probably closest to the issue. We could possibly also employ a unique microphone to hear the ground to zoom in on the area of your leak.



Line Tracing20140225_184353

In order to know how the actual piping is run underneath the concrete floor we are able to use a signal generator and receiver to follow copper pipelines. After tracing we’ll have the best guess of the location where the leaking line goes both to and from and are prepared to isolate the issue line.



Using the details from our acoustical survey and line tracing we will pinpoint the location of your leak and provide you with the options available to best resolve your problem.  When required we can also identify both ends of your faulty line and reveal the plumbing system, often a manifold.  This information will be provided to your qualified plumber who can then cut and cap the line to halt the leak.


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