Water Heater Leak Detection


We are a leak detection company that specializes in water heater leak detection. Most people call a plumber quickly enough when they see a leak pouring out water right in front of them, but there are often more subtle problems that also need to be dealt with. If you can tell there is a leak somewhere in or near your water heater, but simply cannot figure out precisely where it is coming from, we can help. If you notice that your water usage rates seem unusually high, it could be that there is a hidden leak in your water heater that shows no obvious signs. We can inspect your water heater, locate the problem, and fix it promptly.Many times, a water heater leak need not result in your purchasing a new unit if you can just pin-point and correct a hidden leak. We have the expertise to accomplish that task for you and potentially save you money.


Some of the areas that a hidden water heater leak could lurk are listed below:

1. The pressure relief valve may be leaking. These leaks are hard to see, however, since the hose likely dives quite abruptly down into a nearby drain.

2. The pipes above the water heater could have leaking flex lines. The problem would be hidden under pipe insulation, and the water would drip all the way down to the bottom of the heater, making it look as if the leak is coming from inside the tank.

3. The threads of the water heater nipples, which are located on top of the tank, may have rusted and started leaking. This problem is often hard to distinguish from water flex line leaks until you get out a pipe wrench to check.

4. The T & P (temperature and pressure valve) may have let some air in and then failed to re-seal. This issue or an overabundance of water pressure can cause the T & P valve to leak.

5. The drain valve at the water heater’s bottom will sometimes leak because it is old and gets stuck open.

6. It could be that the tank itself is leaking from within. If so, you will need a new water heater.

Our team of highly-experienced professional water leak detectors can sort through the maze of possibilities and inspect all the hidden nooks and crannies to find any secret leaks in your water heater. Contact us today for expert assistance at water heater leak detection in Fort Lauderdale.

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