Sewer Line Location

The sewer main is a vital section of a home’s plumbing system. Since it is hardly ever seen, the sewer line location is usually one thing a lot of home-owners don’t think about. Most don’t even concern themselves about sewer line pipes till there’s a issue; normally a sewer line drain clog.
Sewer lines are usually difficult to find.They’re buried below the ground almost never to be noticed ever again, of course till a problems occurs. Sewer linessewer line location may leak, break or collapse upon themselves. Regardless of whether you just relocated inside your house, or maybe you haven’t experienced issue with the lines prior to, you might at some time need to locate them.

Today’s technology allows us to locate your sewer pipes without needing to search out your entire yard to find them. This is done by using a sewer pipe camera. The camera operates and slithers down the pipeline like a snake. In the tip there’s a little infrared camera that will transfers a video feed of the interior of the pipe. The technician will then be able to evaluate the sewer camera feed and by activating an electronic signal not only accurately locate your sewer line but also tell you the exact location of any issues that need to be resolved.


camerarightTA sewer line camera is an extremely helpful device, however not every plumber utilizes one to find sewer line location. At American Leak Locators we carry the latest sewer line location technology to help provide a quick and accurate sewer line location.




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