Miami Sonar Pipe Leak Detection

Miami Sonar Pipe Leak Detection in Sunny Miami, Florida.  You may think your home is safe from water damage outside of the occasional hurricane. Think again, that little leak in the pipe behind the wall that you know is there but cannot find is silently on its way to costing you Miami Sonar Pipe Leak Detectionthousands in damages to your home and possibly even your health. It’s easy to fix the leaks in a pipe you can see, but most leaks appear in the pipe behind the wall and over a period of time can cause cave- in, pest infestations or  a  more sinister health risk known as  toxic black mold.   Black mold is toxic and has been proven to cause chronic lung disease in children and infants.

The faster the leak is found the safer your home and family are.  A leak in a pipe behind the wall is an easy fix but detection of this leak before it starts to destroy your precious home can sometime be a problem yet, you don’t want someone ripping out walls to find a leak causing more damage; you need an accurate non -invasive way to find the problem and sonar water leak detection provides just that.

Sonic water leak detection using sonar technology to pinpoint where the leak is coming from allowing repairs to be made fixing the problem the first time instead of guessing the solution only to discover you still have a leak , mounting water bills and multiple plumbing invoices.  Luckily, Miami is no stranger to this technology so you don’t have to worry about that leak behind the wall or where it’s coming from you can assess, address and move on.  No one wants the burden of spending thousands of dollars on a pipe leak that could have easily been fixed if you had just found it sooner.


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