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A slab leak is the industry as well as the insurance term for a leak within the water lines, hot or cold, operating beneath the concrete floor of your house. These leaks can be a small pinhole leak, or a break producing large or small amounts of water.
In our experience, based upon examining 100’s of leaking lines, the actual leaks tend to be mainly the consequence of reaction between the drinking water along with the copper pipes. Many previously used to assume that leaks occurred through poor installation procedures, non-reamed pipe, excessive soldering flux, a connection with concrete, rebar or rocks however that has shown as a cause in a very very low proportion of our inspections.
There are many subtle indicators that you might have a slab leak. Water seeping through the floor is a typical sign. If it's a hot water line that is leaking the flooring will feel hot. Other indicators include hard wood floors showing signs of buckling, walls showing moisture or a sudden high water bill.
We will make use of our knowledge on the way your current system is actually set up in addition to the use of right equipment. We use the latest leak detection technology which depending on the type of leak and location may include a moisture meter, audio listening device, thermal imaging camera, optical camera, air tank, or electronic pipe tracing gear.
Plumbing technicians employ all typical industry repairs. Following the leak location as well as isolating the leak, we’ll consult with you in regards to the different alternatives regarding fixing your specific issue. Our objective is always to assist you in making the very best choice for your specific circumstance. Visit our Slab Leak page for repair options and descriptions.
Both leak detection and camera services take an average of 1-2 hours. Commercial services may take longer.
This differs between insurance agencies. Usually you could expect your current insurance provider to cover the expense of the actual leak detection service, line access and isolation, dry out as well as restoration of your home towards the condition prior to the leak transpired. The insurance companies will usually not include the expense of the plumbing repair. Please be aware we see exception for all of the above on a regular basis and insurance company responses may vary job to job using the same company and from business to business for the very same issue. When you have a representative you are able to consult with without filing a claim then that’s your best choice regarding understanding what your coverage will probably be.
Our services are COD. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, debit cards, personal checks and cash.

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